Fraunhofer IZT

CRIP is constituted by its partners:

  • Database Partners are clinical biobanks regularly exporting data on cases and samples to CRIP, as specified in the database agreement.

  • With metabiobank partners, CRIP shares registration procedures and implemented web request protocols, as specified in the pertaining cooperation agreement PDF Document. Whilst from database partners, CRIP is importing data on a regular basis, metabiobank partners do not per se upload data to CRIP, but have web services in place to accept, perform on their database, and answer web requests which had been entered via CRIP. The search results retrieved and combined from both the metabiobank partner’s and CRIP’s databases are then displayed over CRIP and the metabiobank partner’s website.

  • Industry Partners support or have supported CRIP giving funds and/or advice.

  • Over Fraunhofer IBMT's institutional membership with ISBER and ESBB, CRIP is represented in both societies and ISBER's International Repository Locator Working Group.

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