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CRIP helps to establish research projects based on anonymous statistical data. Only by regular updates, the data in the CRIP-Database are totally replaced. Therefore, a dataset can be found under two different dataset numbers within a few days and cannot be traced back.

The CRIP Data Protection Concept has been PDF-Document approved as a benchmark by the Externer Link  Data Protection Commissioner of the State of Berlin („Berliner Beauftragter für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit“) in his Annual Report 2006 (see PDF-Document  excerpt from Annual Report). The Brandenburg Data Protection Authority (“Aufsichtsbehörde für den Datenschutz im Ministerium des Innern des Landes Brandenburg") has PDF-Document confirmed the Berlin commissioner’s approval. The CRIP Data Protection Concept complies with the Generic Data Protection Concept („Generische Lösungen zum Datenschutz für die Forschungsnetze in der Medizin“) of the Externer Link  TMF e.V..

CRIP does not process any personal data. Therefore, neither the German Federal nor the State of Berlin Data Protection Law nor Directive 95 / 46 / EC of the European Parliament apply to CRIP.


Data Protection Scheme

Data Protection Scheme


DSN Anonymous dataset Id
Group ID Group ID (Complete MDATw referring to one patient)
IDAT Patient data (name, surname, etc.)
MDATw Scientific relevant data
PID Patient ID (hospital)
PN Project number
PSN Patient's pseudonym
PSNi Institute's pseudonym

Referencelist as per figure

No. Link Code Place /
1. Patient - ID /
IDAT / PSN a./o.
2. Record number /
Alias of Institute
3. Project number /
PN / PSN DB-Partner

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