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CRIP is a central infrastructure for biomedical research involving human tissue repositories. It resembles
  • Database Partners
  • CRIP project management and staff
  • Advisory Board for CRIP
The Database Partners are prepared to contribute biospecimen, data and services for biomedical research projects.  On the basis of their outstanding expertise in pathology, they annotate biospecimens in their repositories with clinical and further data and transfer the anonymized data to the CRIP database. They act within legal rules and ethical guidelines. They harmonize and standardize their sample asservation and quality control protocols and adopt CRIP’s standards for data formates.

CRIP and database partners have agreed in writing to follow the standards mentioned above. The CRIP project management coordinates their cooperation and would be happy to manage projects agreed through CRIP if requested. The project management is responsible for informing the media and the public about CRIP and assists the Advisory Board acting as their coordinating office. CRIP’s informatics experts develop and maintain the CRIP database.

The Advisory Board for CRIP is acting independently to establish guidelines, advice and comment on problems and questions.


Organisation Scheme

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